WOVO Insider

What does it mean to be a “WOVO Insider”?

We think ALL of our listeners are pretty special…but our INSIDERS are even more so!  By becoming a WOVO INSIDER, you’ll be among a very special group of our listeners that get lots of special benefits just for registering and listening.  Here are just some of the benefits –

  • Special contests for our INSIDERS only!  We’ll send you an email in advance, letting you know about our special contests and how INSIDERS can register and win before anybody else!
  • You’ll be part of the special group that really shapes the sound and the fun of WOVO 106.3.  We’ll send out emails to our INSIDERS asking your opinion and input on what we do on WOVO 106.3!
  • You’ll know about our WOVO Bonus Cards FIRST!  We’ll let you know when we have new cards available and you will have the first chance to buy!  And, at different times during the year, you’ll get an even DEEPER discount on the WOVO Bonus Cards than our regular listeners do!
  • You’ll be part of the WOVO 106.3 family…and family members always celebrate each other’s birthdays.  On your birthday, you’ll get a personal “Happy Birthday” greeting from the WOVO 106.3 airstaff!
  • INSIDERS get VIP seating and treatment at WOVO 106.3 events.  You are special and we want you to feel that way!  (Remember, some events have limited VIP seating and are filled on a first-come/first-served basis.)


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