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Music we LOVE: Bastille’s “Pompeii”

As we wrap up May and head into June, it’s becoming more and more obvious: summer is here! And each summer needs its own song. For us, it’s “Pompeii” by London four-piece Bastille. If there was ever a song that begs to be cranked up loud and danced to, it’s this one. Remember a few years ago […]
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Music we LOVE: Sara Bareilles “I Choose You”

Sara Bareilles is amazing. In a sea of over-produced singers, she is a real musician. She can capture the lowest lows of despair (check out her song “Gravity” if you haven’t!) and bring you up to the top of the mountain of happiness. And that’s why we love “I Choose You” so much. Okay, sure, our […]
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Music we LOVE: Pharrell Williams’ HAPPY

There aren’t many songs that have been released that make us feel as, well….happy…as Pharrell Williams’ hit single. It’s a carefree, joyous tune that celebrates the simplest and most pure of life’s emotions: happiness. And like the song says, it really is the truth! The song itself is infectious and the music video is even […]
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